CoreGoods started as a sales agency but realized we have the ability to offer our clients so much more.

Sales Representation

Brand Consulting

Business Development

CoreGoods started as a sales agency and this is still the foundation of our business. We work with brands to find the best retail partners for their needs. Everything else we do is tied to bringing the most successful sales results for all the brands that we work with. CoreGoods builds long term sales and distribution strategies that make sense for all of our brands.

CoreGoods can provide consulting on any topic where we consider ourselves knowledgeable. Typical topics include branding, sales, marketing, product development, public relations and distribution. CoreGoods works with brands in a management capacity to help them build their resources and successfully grow their customer base.

Working in a sales environment for many years has shown us how difficult it can be to properly build a brand. Sales, marketing, branding and logistics all need to be in perfect alignment for a brand to be truly successful in today's marketplace. CoreGoods can help build a business development strategy that will help our partners grow their business into the future.

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